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Esri Redistricting Online assists state and local governments, advocacy groups, and the general public in drawing legislative and congressional redistricting plans following the 2010 U.S. Census. The foundation of Esri Redistricting Online is Esri's proven ArcGIS software platform and pertinent dataset components. ArcGIS software provides comprehensive features and functionality for plan management, visualization, editing, and community collaboration.

Esri Redistricting Online can be used for geographic redistricting and territory design. Esri Redistricting Online is a web-based application that establishes an online community where users can collaborate and share district plans. It uses GIS mapping technology, Esri data, and the latest available Census data to allow state and local government to prototype multiple redistricting scenarios before finalizing new boundaries.

Esri Redistricting Online provides online access to data content used by the community, including Census and PL 94-171 data. It includes tools to promote an increased collaboration between government and citizens. With Esri Redistricting Online and GIS, you can design optimal districts.

If you are new to the Esri Redistricting Online, start with the Quick Tour, Creating Plan, or read the Frequently Asked Questions. Please refer to the help icon in the top right-hand corner of the page for assistance using the redistricting application functions.

How to use this tool:

Here is a description of the numbered tabs at the top of this page that will guide you in the process of creating districts.

1| Learn This is the page you are on now and is the first step in the process.

2| Create Use the select tools and choose geographies to make district assignments. As you make assignments, the goal is to create balanced populations between districts.

3| Review View tables/charts that show the distribution of population within the districts you have created. The tables/charts are updated as you select and move populations between districts.

4| Share The share features allow you to invite friends and colleagues to view and /or comment on your plan. You can also invite others to a plan together.

To get started, simply choose the Create tab, choose a district from the Active District menu. Choose a selection tool and select geographies by clicking or drawing on the map. The geographies selected will be assigned to the Active District.

In addition to the numbered tabs above, the File tab allows you to save and open plans you have created, open plans that people have shared with you, and print your plan. Make sure to SAVE your plan.

Please refer to the help icon in the top right hand corner of the page for assistance using the redistricting application functions.

For full and complete help, click here.

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